MYLEENE Klass models her new swimwear collection and chats summer style. Check the article below.

That white bikini she wore in the jungle on I’m A Celeb helped Myleene Klass’s career skyrocket. And now she’s an expert at designing flattering swimwear. Seen here modelling her latest collection with Littlewoods, Myleene, who is mum to Ava, eight, and Hero, five, says you don’t need to have a perfect figure to look hot on the beach.

“I’m 5ft 5in and I’m not a model but…I’ve learned to make the best of what I’ve got – short legs and bandy arms and a long back and terrible posture. But I don’t wish to be anything else,” she says. Here, Myleene, 38, talks to TV Extra about summer fashion and holiday plans…

Who is your style inspiration?

I love strong, capable, fun, fearless women who look confident in their own skin –J.Lo, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie. They might all have different body shapes and styles but they are leaders, not followers, with brains and talent – andI find that magnetic. I design for strong women who want to feel bold and beautiful.

Myleene Klass

Myleene looks amazing on one of her most demanding photo shoots

What are your top tips for spring/summer fashion?

Keep the shapes simple and let the colours, prints and patterns do the work.

What is your go-to piece of clothing for spring/summer?

My floral maxi dress is my all-timefavourite thing. It looks fun, elegant and chic but also has enough room in it to keep it flattering and roomy for cake and burgers at all
the summer barbecues.

What is your favourite piece from your new Littlewoods swimwear collection?

My gold tassel bikini. I put so much work and research into sourcing the right shade, the right fabric, the correct tassels and getting the fit just perfect. I knew in my head exactly how I wanted it to look and the results have blown my mind.

What’s your top tip for dressing for the beach?

Wear a bikini or swimsuit that gives you the support where you need it, pop on a glam cover-up to take you from the beach to the bar and, as my auntie would say, stand tall.

What’s your top tip for choosing the best bikini for your body shape?

Shimmy in it. No joke! If bits pop out when you wiggle, then they’ll no doubt do the same in the pool or the sea.

How will you get beach-ready for summer this year?

Exfoliate and bring oil for my hair.

What’s your favourite thing about choosing new swimwear?

Everything! The colours, the different cuts, the challenge of creating something big and impactful with only three tiny bits of fabric.

What was your favourite part of the photo shoot for Littlewoods?

It was the most physically challenging shoot I’ve ever done. I had to micromanage my breath to float at the right distance from the bottom of the pool and remove bubbles from my face for the photographer – all while trying to look composed! I’m not sure the presence of the three safety divers was reassuring or concerning!

How would you describe your style?

Mum chic. What’s the last thing you bought?

A boat trip to go swimming with dolphins in the wild with my babies. Clothes-wise, a sun hat to stop the blonde in my hair going blonder… It didn’t work!

What are you looking forward to most about summer 2016?

My new bikinis being Instagrammed to me from all my customers on their travels. I get sent images of girls on their holidays, honeymoons, festivals, at beach bars
and with their children. It’s so satisfying.

What’s your ultimate fashion tip?

Pay no attention to what is supposedly “in” and go with your own instinct and passion. If you like it, wear it and own it.

What piece of clothing could you not live without?

My underwear. Having a lingerie range is still the biggest buzz as it holds and shapes you and gives you a different kind of posture and confidence.

What accessory could you not live without?

My sunglasses. I always have them with me. It’s less for the glamour, more from being a tired, working mum. Designing my own sunglasses range has been a lifesaver as I can create them to look as big and bold as I want to the last detail.

What’s your top tip for spring/summer beauty looks?

Go golden and glowy. Bronzer and good eyebrows are the way forward! Eyebrows frame the face and can define your look.

If you could have another celebrity’s wardrobe, whose would it be?

J.Lo’s. I covet her hoop earring collection.

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