Whether your lips are full or thin, find out how to make that luscious lips! Check the article below to discover all the best tips!

There is a fashion currently for big pouty bee-stung lips. Think Scarlett Johannson and Angelina Jolie who both have very full and luscious-looking mouths.

While the size of your lips is genetically determined, the thinning that occurs with age is often influenced by factors like cold weather, hot showers and lip licking – anything that dries them out. Sun damage can also have an effect and, as lips don’t have oil glands, it’s easy to see how important it is to nourish them and protect them at all times from the elements.

Protecting your lips

I like to use lip balms for protection. Burt’s Bees has a selection of lip balms (approx £3.99) with various ‘flavours’ from Coconut and Pear to Mango Butter, all containing a wide variety of natural ingredients designed to help hydrate and nourish your lips. They also sell a ‘rescue’ balm which is brilliant if lips become chapped during cold weather or sunburn.

Lip maintenance

I like to include my lips in my regular routines of skin care. In other words I gently exfoliate them to remove any dead skin and ensure that they are included when I apply my daily serum and moisturiser. When I apply my make-up I always take a cotton bud and having wet my lips, I rub away any foundation which has accumulated so that I am applying my Lip Prime to clean smooth lips.

How to stop your lipstick bleeding

One of the most distressing aspects of my ageing face has been the tendency of my lipstick to ‘feather’ and ‘bleed’ into the tiny wrinkles around my mouth. I have never smoked, but if you have (or are still) a smoker then this is likely to be a challenge.

Fortunately there is any easy solution. As part of the LFF range, I insisted on having an effective Lip Prime to ensure that my lip colour stays put. Apply it once a day around the outer part of the mouth – and massage it into the edges of the lips. Allow to dry before applying your lipstick.

How to apply lipstick

Forget overdrawn lip liner – it’s too obvious. The goal is to maximise what you’ve got, so apply the first coat of your lipstick with a brush in order to get into every corner and edge. Another good tip is to press on the area above the lip with your finger so that you create the fullest lip area possible.

How to make your lipstick last

Look Fabulous Forever Lip Colours are well pigmented with colour and a made in a texture to help them to last. However there are a couple of tricks you can use to help the colour to stay put for longer. Apply a thinnish coat with a brush. Use a finger to rub the colour into the lips, creating a lip stain. Next apply a second coat with a brush and blot with a tissue. Final coat can be with or without a brush and for the rest of the day you can ‘touch up’ from the directly onto the lips without a brush.

How to make your lips look fuller

A dab of gloss (Look Fabulous Forever Lip Shine) just in the centre of the lower lip grabs the light, making the fat pad appear fuller. Finish by tracing a bit of Look Fabulous Forever Light highlighter just above the lip line and at the Cupid’s bow. This creates a 3D effect and gives the illusion of more pronounced lips.

How to choose the right lipstick colour

You’ll never make a bad lipstick purchase again if you know whether you are cool or warm toned.

Cool toned women look best in pretty soft pinks, plummy, berry shades and bright pinks and dark bluey reds for drama.

Warm toned women should go for soft caramel colours, coral pinks and orange-y reds for special occasions. See Choosing Colours on the LFF website.

Source: Saga.co.uk

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