Calling all wardrobe hoarders — declutter with the Ultimate Wardrobe Detox guide created by Vestiaire Collective and Berlin-based blogger Anuschka Rees

‘Wardrobe cull’ is an expression we have heard a lot lately, as the change of the seasons prompts a desire to clear out, tidy up and, perhaps most importantly, make space for new purchases. 

For those struggling to let go, take inspiration from Vestiare Collective’s newly launched Ultimate Wardrobe Detox Guide; an 8-page booklet created in collaboration with Berlin-based style blogger Anuschka Rees of 

The guide dispels throwaway fashion in favour of a structured, capsule wardrobe consisting of high-quality pieces that you truly love. 

Rees previously studied Social Psychology at the London School of Economics, before spending several years observing and dissecting human behaviour, from the way we shop to how we choose relationship partners. She champions a minimalist approach to both fashion and life, and her first book, A Curated Wardrobe, was published in September. 

We selected five of our favourite pieces of advice for a clutter-free closet and mind, as recommended by Rees.

1. Detox Your Closet
Get rid of low-quality impulse buys and anything that doesn’t express your personal style.

2. Stop Over-Committing
Your time is precious. Which of your current commitments align with your priorities and which do you keep up out of obligation?

3. Don’t Aim For 24/7 Productivity
Stop trying to fill every waking minute of your day with something productive. Allow yourself at least two hours a day to recharge.

4. Turn off Email & Social Media Notifications
Deal with incoming messages in batches at designated times throughout the day.

5. Single-Task
Multi-tasking is a huge energy zapper and, contrary to popular belief, is not efficient.

Source: Luxury London


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