Actress and businesswoman Eva Longoria reveals her clothing line is her “full-time job” at this point.

Eva Longoria is a keen seamstress and used to wear her own creations to red carpet events.

The actress, producer, activist and businesswoman is set to launch her eponymous clothing line, which will debut at The Limited stores throughout the United States this August (16).

While The Limited is her first apparel venture, it is certainly not her first experience in creating clothes. The 41-year-old learned to sew as a child, honing her skills on curtains, pillows and duvets. And as a teenager she experimented with creating maxi-dresses that “had an elastic back that I would make for everyone.”

Eva had a sewing machine in her trailer when she was starring on hit series Desperate Housewives and picked up tips from the show’s costume designer, Cate Adair. The brunette beauty also claims she has worn her own creations to Hollywood events.

“I made a lot of my dresses but I never told anyone. And if you looked at it really hard, you’d be like, ‘Your seam’s falling apart,'” she laughed to WWD. “Sewing zippers is still a challenge for me.”

Eva, who also has a homewear line for J.C. Penney that launched last May (15), admits that working on her clothing line is her main priority at this time.

“Now my clothing line is a full-time job. And it’s like ‘oh s**t, that’s hard to do,’ but I fully embrace the responsibility that comes with each role that I’m playing,” she smiled.

The line features stretch denim and bodycon dresses alongside many pieces that reflect the star’s personal style – the pencil skirt, the blazer, the high-waisted trouser – with several peplums tops that are designed to cover wardrobe needs from the office to the weekend. There are also graphic T-shirts sporting some of Eva’s favourite tag lines, including “Life is too short to drink bad wine,” “Money doesn’t make you happy, wine does,” and “#winegoals.”


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