Holly Willoughby, who hosts the show – slammed The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh for misbehaving and even disqualified him from taking part in a quiz with Frank Lampard, Tom Daley and Richard Osman.

Holly Willoughby even told the star: “I told you enough times and I have given you enough warnings,” before she jokingly sent him away from the rest of the group.

While he then stood in a corner, Holly announced the winner before hurling a packet of cards at Bradley when he tried to sneak back in, which hit him so hard that he stumbled to the ground.

Holly giggled: “I can’t actually believe I actually just got him, I’m going to have to have a look at that again.”

Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby wasn’t impressed with Bradley Walsh

Holly Willoughby

Bradley dramatically fell to the ground after being hit on the head

Despite her little outburst last night, Holly can usually be seen behaving on This Morning alongside Phillip Schofield.

However, the pair did misbehave a little after they celebrated a bit too hard following their National Television Awards win back in January. They then proceeded to present the morning talk show in the outfits they were wearing the night before, much to the viewers’ amusement.

Speaking in a pre-recorded interview on Radio 1 with DJ Nick Grimshaw last week, she recalled the now infamous edition of the show: “Not only did I have Phil with me but I felt like everyone that was watching This Morning that day may very well have voted to help us win that NTA, so I felt I had a good old gang behind me to get through it.”

Holly Willoughby

Holly giggled nervously after throwing the cards

Holly recently spoke out about THAT drunken This Morning

Holly recently spoke out about THAT drunken This Morning

Holly continued: “I said to Phil: ‘Look, it’s not going to be that far away, where we’re just going to be sitting there going: ‘God, do you remember when we won that NTA or do you remember that night? Do you know what, we should have gone and celebrated that.’

“You have to mark those occasions in your life like the National Television Awards, that’s the biggest award as a TV person I’m ever going to win for our show.”

Source: Express.co.uk

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