Has Amanda plumped for a trout pout? Viewers are convinced there is something fishy about her smile

AMANDA Holden is facing another row over her appearance as fans accuse her of sporting a trout pout.

The presenter’s lips drew the attention of viewers while she was guest-hosting Lorraine this morning.

Fans suggested Amanda has undergone cosmetic surgery to have her pout artificially inflated.

Amanda Holden

Amanda has been hit with stinging comments about her looks during her TV hosting stint



Is there something different about Amanda's pout?

Is there something different about Amanda’s pout?

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This morning’s TV appearance prompted a storm of tweets over Amanda’s lips, with some suggesting the rumoured pout-plumping had affected her speech.

One viewer wrote: “Wft has Amanda Holden done to her lips. I’m never getting a trout pout,” and another added: “Poor Amanda Holden she has such inflated lips it sounds as if she is speaking whilst sucking on a lollipop.”

The latest criticism of Amanda’s appearance comes after Lorraine viewers previously scrutinised her eyebrows, and accused her of freezing her face with Botox injections.

This morning’s show marks Amanda’s final turn as guest host while Lorraine Kelly is away.

She went out with a bang by interviewing girl group Fifth Harmony, and she gushed over the sexy men in the video.

Amanda drooled over the oiled, semi-naked hunks and cheekily asked the girls how much body oil was used onset.

She said: “I’ve got ask ‘cos we are all talking about that video… How much oil was was used during the shoot?”

When the pop stars replied: “Two gallons,” Amanda added: “You all look so hot and so do the boys…”


The presenter couldn’t get enough of the bronzed hunks in Fifth Harmony’s video

'How much oil did you use?' Amanda was stunned by the video hunks

‘How much oil did you use?’ Amanda was stunned by the video hunk

Fifth Harmony were interviewed by Amanda during her last day as host

Fifth Harmony were interviewed by Amanda during her last day as host

Source: The Sun

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