If you look like Christina Applegate circa Married…With Children, you’re definitely using hair spray wrong (hopefully you have some sweet tube tops, though). But the rest of us could still use a hair-spray refresher, because apparently we’re doing it wrong, too.

Hair Spray Use Refresher

After a blowout: If you mist hair-spray on a paddle brush and run it over your hair, it should go on evenly and sparingly. Plus, brushing it on seals the hair’s cuticle so it stays smoother all day.

After air-drying: If your hair dries naturally without frizz or flyaways, more power to you. For everyone else, there’s one really good way to eliminate fuzz: Spray hair-spray on your fingers, skim them over your hair, and presto, no more frizz. Try a light-hold hair spray, like Oribe Superfine Hair Spray or Kardashian Beauty Pure Glitz Hairspray.

After styling your hair: If you’re securing your style, make sure you hold the bottle eight to ten inches away from your hair. (Seriously, measure it. It’s not as close as you think.) That way, you’ll avoid shellacking your hair in place.

Source: Allure

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