Straightening, crimping, curling: it probably feels like there can’t possibly be anything new to learn about how to use hair straighteners. But even if you’re addicted to your flat irons, it seems there are still some previously undiscovered tricks out there.


Nicci Welsh, a hairstylist from Denmark, has got us (and the rest of the world) hooked on the Scandi wave with her new video tutorial. A simple technique that seems much more straightforward than many other versions, the Scandi wave is actually really easy to create.

This clever curling trick is also completely different from any other tutorial we’ve seen: there’s no pulling straighteners through the lengths of your hair (very bad for already damaged locks), or wrapping the flat iron around sections (which holds the heat too close to your strands for too long). Instead Nicci holds sections of her hair in position and taps each one with the straighteners to set the style. Watch and learn as Nicci uses her straighteners to create a soft, natural style that’s a mix of beachy and glamorous Hollywood waves that she calls the ‘S Wave’.

The technique was demonstrated at a hair conference in Miami this month, where there were ‘audible gasps from the audience’. Check out the video below and see if you have the same reaction…

Image Source: Pixabay

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