Home Manicure can look glamorous and expensive!

We all know that keeping up with beautiful nails can be quite expensive. That’s the reason we all have our home manicure sets. The trick is to do manicure just right in order to achieve glamorous and expensive looking nails. Here’s how. 

Question: How can I make my at-home manicure look more expensive and interesting?


Answer: Backstage at Emanuel Ungaro, manicurist Marian Newman mixed a magic potion. This had models wishing they could keep the color for the rest of the week. Inspired by “Charlotte Rampling in a Helmut Newton photograph,” she set out to create a custom polish that had the depth, intensity and dimension of velvet. She started with M.A.C. Studio Nail Lacquer in Rebel, a creamy plum, as the base, then added in black polish (the ratio was two-thirds Rebel and one-third black) and a tiny bit of loose silver shimmer pigment. “You can’t see the shimmer unless you really look for it, but it just makes the color look 3D,” said Newman.

Sally Hansen Global Color Ambassador Madeline Poole is also on board with the DIY method, and recommends stocking up on empty nail polish bottles on Amazon to make the chemistry process easier. “If you’ve ever mixed paint, you know that it’s important to use a very small amount of darker colors—just a dot of black. With white, you have a little more freedom.” Make your own glitter polish by pouring glitter from the craft store, where you can find fun geometric shapes, into a top coat, and for a cool, gritty sand effect, “throw really fine glitter into matte, super opaque color.”

Source: HarpersBazaar

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