Kim Kardashian’s favourite make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic insists he’s as much a fan of a “fresh face” as the sculpted, contoured look he creates so frequently for the reality star.

Mario Dedivanovic loves that contouring, when done right, can be a “diet for the face”.

The make-up artist counts Kim Kardashian among his most famous clients and, along with the reality star, was largely responsible for the huge popularity of contouring, or sculpting as he calls it, in recent months.

Kim is rarely seen without a full face of make-up, and Mario insists she is well aware of the benefits of a perfectly contoured face.

“Sculpting is always a part of my routine with Kim – it helps to define features, it’s a diet for the face,” Mario told Britain’s Hello! magazine. “Kim does not need it every day but when you are being photographed as much as she is, it really helps. It’s great in selfies and who doesn’t want a high and more-defined cheekbones, a slimmer face and a more defined jaw.”

However, Mario insists he is not responsible for creating the concept of contouring, and cites his own idol Kevyn Aucoin and cosmetician Max Factor for forging interest in the art.

Mario revealed his own tips for creating that perfect Kim K look though, with the help of a contouring kit featuring bronzer, highlighter and foundations of different shades.

“Start with the cheekbones, go along the hairline, under the edge of the jaw line and, if you are feeling brave, down either side of the nose,” he explained. “Pretty much every face benefits from sculpting under the cheekbones. It warms up your face and accentuates your cheekbones and that is aesthetically beautiful.”

There is one area of the face that requires extreme caution though when it comes to contouring, Mario warns.

“It’s hard to sculpt the nose; the secret us to use minimum product and to blend,” he added. “Not blending is the biggest mistake people make. The aim is to mimic the natural shadows and light that appear on the face, so you should never see a harsh line. I see a lot of extreme contouring on social media; this is not for everyday and does not suit most women.”

Source: Belfast Telegraph

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