Just when we thought Christina Aguilera ’s looks on The Voice couldn’t possibly get any sexier, she proved us wrong.

To be honest, nowadays, we’re watching the show not only for the talented contestants, but also because we know that every time we tune in, Christina Aguilera will be there to surprise us with her hair and makeup looks. And the latest episode was no exception.

The singer brought her A (beauty and fashion) game in a plunging silk dress, mesh stockings, and a bold pink lip. And her messy updo was a work of art created by Etienne Ortega. For a split second, we honestly thought she cut her hair and was rocking a tousled pixie with a little length left on top.

Nope, it’s just one amazing updo that we’re dying to recreate at home. Now where did all those bobby pins go?


A photo posted by Etienne Ortega (@etienneortega) on

Now, the question is… Can she top this?

Source: Instyle

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