These Amazing Microblading Results May Persuade You to Get Your Brows Tattooed. Check the article below for more information about Eyebrow Tattoos.

In a world where beautiful brows have become the focal point of many modern beauty looks, people are going to extreme measures to get the perfect look. While some of us are blessed with enough natural growth to get that Cara Delevingne look, others need a little help. And if a daily routine with your favourite brow makeup is getting a bit annoying, there is a more permanent option. Microblading (a form of semipermanent brow tattoo, also called “eyebrow embroidery”) is becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why. After drawing in the desired look with pencil and numbing the skin, a technician uses a tiny tool with a sharp blade to deposit pigment into the skin in fine lines to mimic the way hairs would grow. It’s incredibly detailed, with each “hair” drawn on individually. The results usually last at least a year, and you can expect to pay upwards of £300 for a treatment. As these Instagram snaps and videos show, the results can be incredible, but since this is such intricate work, you should look through examples of the technician’s work on others before you dive in, just as you would with a tattoo. Pick the right person, and low-maintenance brows on fleek could be yours!

Source: Pop Sugar

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