Do you notice the eyes of Adele in her MV of ‘Hello’? Yes, I know it’s perfect. Check this article now and discover how to do Adele’s perfect eyeliner.

It’s hard to watch Adele’s Hello music video without wondering just how she gets her flicked eyeliner so darn perfect. But if you’ve struggled and failed to do the perfect cat eye, it’s time to get excited… Because Adele’s actual make-up artist has filmed a complete eyeliner tutorial with Lisa Eldridge, to help us all get the look.

After being inundated with requests, makeup artist and beauty blogger Lisa reached out to Michael Ashton, who has been creating hair and make-up looks for Adele for the past nine years.

“This is a really lovely example of a performer and make-up artist really working together and collaborating to create a signature look,” says Lisa.

“I get asked a lot to do an Adele make-up tutorial, I think it’s one of the most requested. [But] for me, the only way to do this is to reach out to the original artist. The person who created that look.”

The result? A stunning tutorial from Michael, and cat eyes for everyone!


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Revealing that he starts off by applying copper coloured cream eyeshadow over the lid to act as a base, Michael notes that building up layers of brightening, reflective shades first, is key to adding depth to the ‘lashes and liner’ look.

These brightening shades (his palette of choice is the Tom Ford Eye Colour Quad in Nude Dip) also help to give you that ‘wide awake’ effect, which we think might be especially helpful on a Monday morning.

So what eyeliner does Michael use and how does he apply it? It’s Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink, applied using the MAC 209 Eyeliner Brush. He suggests leaving a daub of gel liner to dry out a little on the back of your hand before applying, to make it little more workable.

“I generally start by applying the eyeliner towards the middle inner corner of the eye, working outwards first, and then gradually building thickness,” says Michael. “I like to bring the liner out just past the natural lash line, and then we’ll wing the liner at the end.”

After creating the basic shape, Michael then gently stretches the eyelid before applying liner to the inner corners, completing the line. By stretching out the skin, you’re more likely to get a smoother finish, he notes.

So how about that final flick? Well, Michael’s top tip is to aim for a 45 degree angle from the end of your natural lash line, using your temple to guide the direction. But don’t be afraid to make a mistake – even he does sometimes.

If you do get the angle or thickness wrong, Michael’s favourite way to correct is using MUJI’s dainty Thin Cotton Buds and a few drops of Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution.

Once you’ve got your liner sorted, then come lashes and mascara. For the full guide, watch Michael’s tutorial below:

Source: Marie Claire

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